How do our clients manage their applications?

CCComplete offers many options that allow our clients to monitor and control their application.

Depending on needs, our clients have the option to sit back and just let their application run. Or, they can work with us to define tools allowing them real-time access to monitor their application and/or modify run-time parameters allowing them to change the operation of their application on the very next call.

Standard Reporting:

CCComplete provides a suite of "standard" reports to its clients. These reports are available on the web and provide call count information in near real-time (within 5 to 10 minutes of the completion of a call). If you have multiple inbound phone numbers (DNIS), then each of the reports can further be broken down by inbound number to perhaps see how advertisement on each number is being received.

The suite of standard reports include:

Custom Reporting:

Custom reporting is also available to all clients. Through the use of custom reporting you get to decide...

Custom Control:

CCComplete can give you total control over how your application runs. You work with our engineers to come up with operating parameters needed by you to make your application work best. Through a combination of web pages, import programs, and/or recording applications, you can be provided with tools to, in real-time, change the operating parameters of your application. Just a few of examples of what can be done include...

From the information above you will see that it is CCComplete's intent to keep you in control of your application. Please feel free to spend some time with us to discuss the requirements for your application. We can provide you with all the reporting information you need in the time-frame you need it and the tools that allow you to modify your application to benefit both you and your customers.